Application Optimization for a Berlin-based e-Commerce Platform

Microservices architecture & application clusterization
for a Berlin-based fashion e-commerce platform

Our client, a big e-commerce platform offering fashion products to its customers, experienced difficulties with its application availability.

The application hasn’t been optimized to operate as a high-load, high-availability solution and was unable to handle the high traffic with the existing configuration parameters.


1. Our DevOps Engineers rebuilt the monolithic architecture into the microservices, making the system more flexible, easy to modify, and eliminating bottlenecks.

2. Built own Kubernetes cluster on bare metal servers, implementing high-availability master nodes, scalable networking, Ingress, and persistent storage.

3. Integrated CI/CD pipelines with zero downtime to make app deployment quicker and error-proof.

4. Deployed and integrated CI/CD runner with concurrency features to prevent time-consuming tasks from impacting overall app performance.

5. Integrated four stages of development: dev, test, stage, prod to allow phased, risk-free rollout.

  • Location
  • Industry
  • Team Size
    4 DevOps Engineers
  • Project Duration
    5 months + ongoing support
  • Expertise Delivered
    DevOps Consulting
    Microservices Architecture
    Kubernetes Cluster Deployment
    CI/CD Implementation
    Bare Metal Server Support

Client’s budget was limited and cost saving was a priority. The implementation of the plan prepared by our DevOps team significantly reduced manual work and allowed for headcount reduction.

More specifically, CI/CD implementation allowed to reduce headcount by 2 full-time positions through the automation of previously manual processes. Thereby we diminished human factor and got rid of time-consuming mistakes.

Additionally, Kubernetes cluster helped to say goodbye to the extremely outdated on-premise data center that was managed and maintained by on-site staff. Switching to Kubernetes cluster allowed to save 2 more full-time positions.

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