Architecture & Infrastructure Design for the First Ukrainian Automotive Online Market

Architecture restructuring & Kubernetes integration
for the first Ukrainian automotive online market

Our client is the first and the biggest in Ukraine automotive online market. The company connects individuals who want to sell and buy cars on the web platform. The client wanted us to assist with a wide range of infrastructure-related tasks to help streamline their performance and availability.


We redesigned our client’s architecture, rebuilt infrastructure, documented all the processes for their technical department, and keep supporting the project. The major steps were:

1. First of all, our DevOps Engineers performed a full audit of the infrastructure and classified major growth areas, bottlenecks, and possible risks.

2. The next step was to create Kubernetes cluster partially distributed between three DC providers: AWS, GCP, and Hetzner, that resulted in high reliability and cost efficiency.

3. To ensure 365/24/7 performance monitoring and risk mitigation, we designed and implemented centralized log gathering system based on ELK stack.

4. We also deployed and integrated corporate mailing system sending 30,000 emails per hour.

  • Location
  • Industry
  • Team Size
    5 DevOps Engineers
  • Project Duration
    12 month + ongoing support
  • Expertise Delivered
    Infrastructure Audit
    DevOps Consulting
    Kubernetes Cluster Deployment
    CI/CD Implementation
    Monitoring System Development
    Mailing System Development

The platform had just a huge amount of images (static content) that had to be immediately displayed on the web pages. To make this possible, our DevOps team designed and deployed own content delivery network (CDN) based on the open-source photo thumbnail service Thumbor и Amazon platform.

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