Let's see if August is nice

Let's see if August is nice

Kubernetes News

Kubernetes has shared a bunch of Kubernetes failure stories to help reduce the unknown unknowns of running Kubernetes in production. Tech stack highlighted.

Matt Asay has share a blog post our team enjoyed this week: How hot is Kubernetes? Even tradition banks are transforming to embrace it. Nice work describing the battle between legacy and efficiency.

AWS News

The long-awaited AWS Lake Formation is now generally available. Introduced at re:Invent last fall, Lake Formation makes it easy to ingest, clean, catalog, transform, and secure data, making it available for analytics and machine learning. Operators work from a central console to manage their data lake and are able to configure the right access permissions and secure access to metadata in the Glue Data Catalog and data stored in S3 using a single set of granular data access policies defined in Lake Formation. AWS Lake Formation notably works with data already in S3, allowing operators to easily register their existing data with Lake Formation.

Amazon has launched the AWS CloudFormation Coverage Roadmap, sharing its priorities for CloudFormation in four areas: production-ready features; near-horizon features that will be available within the next few months; longer-term features that are yet being worked on; and possible features being researched.

AWS introduced the availability of the Middle East Region, the first AWS Region in the Middle East; it is comprised of three Availability Zones. 

GCP News

WP Engine announced that it adopted GCP’s newest infrastructure, the Compute-Optimized Virtual Machines (VM) (C2). Now WP Engine’s platform is the fastest WordPress Digital Experience Platform, exceeding the closest competitors’  performance by 40 percent.

GCP announced public availability of Traffic Director and Layer 7 Internal Load Balancer (L7 ILB), the first major public fully hosted Envoy Proxy offering.

DevOps News

HashiCorp announced the public availability of HashiCorp Vault 1.2. and released an official Helm Chart for Vault that allows operators to start Vault clusters running on Kubernetes in just minutes.

GitHub announced CI/CD support to GitHub Actions available since November 13.

Jenkins monitoring got a boost being added to Instana’s automatic Application Performance Management (APM) solution. The new capabilities include providing performance visibility of individual builds and deployments, and health monitoring of the Jenkins tool stack.