New Features are Coming

New Features are Coming

Kubernetes News

The first Kubernetes 1.16 beta release is out.

A great podcast about Orka – a new hosting product that comes in handy for Kubernetes orchestration on Apple, providing virtual macOS instances running on Docker and Kubernetes. 

Another post in the series on Kubernetes developer tools. This time about Tilt – a service managing local development instances for teams that deploy to Kubernetes. 

AWS News

Amazon Forecast is now generally available. Announced at re:Invent last year, Forecast is a fully managed service that uses machine learning to marry historical data and relevant metadata to produce accurate forecasts. 

Amazon ElastiCache announces online vertical scaling for Redis Cluster mode and improves scaling non-Redis Cluster mode.

In the latest newsletter we mentioned that the long-awaited AWS Lake Formation is now generally available. AWS geek Jerry Hargrove has already released a visual summary of a service.

And here comes AWS smackdown fight: Terraform vs. CloudFormation by J Cole Morrison. Guess who wins!

GCP News

Google is reach with new features launches. Among them:

  • Billing reports and export, that help adopt cost management best practices for Google cloud users. 
  • Cloud Run Button, that builds and deploys a source repository with a single click, thereby enabling running containerized application without in-depth Kubernetes expertise. Here is a walkthrough on building a stateless containerized application + data analysis production 
  • New Disaster Recovery for Microsoft SQL Server solution. 

Azure News

Azure announced the availability of Azure DevOps Server 2019 Update 1 that brings the Azure DevOps experience to self-hosted environments. 

One more announcement is Azure Repos app for Slack, with a native integration for rich notifications. 

DevOps News

The GitLab Branch Source Plugin has come out of its beta stage and has been released to the Jenkins update center.

The new GitHub Actions beta is out. Matei Radu shares an example of getting started with running K8s end-to-end test.

Puppet delivers its first product for vulnerability remediation – Puppet Remediate, dramatically reducing time needed for vulnerability identification and remediation.

The annual DORA report on DevOps is out, highlighting the impact of  DevOps practices on organizations.