New Journeys Start Daily

New Journeys Start Daily

Kubernetes News

We all now that Kubernetes is a complicated tool. Some take pride, saying they know everything that’s needed, and some take courage, saying they don’t. A Kubernetes crime story by Tamás Kornai should be enjoyable for everyone.

If you got a bit scared of Kubernetes after reading the previous blog post – don’t. Here are five reasons to get started with Kubernetes today.

CoreQ DevOps team is working with Istio a lot these days, so we appreciated this article of Sachin Manpathak on Kubernetes Service Mesh: A Comparison of Istio, Linkerd, and Consul.

Interesting results from the Kubernetes Documentation Survey conducted by SIGDocs on the blog today! Worth a look.

AWS News

If you’re hesitant about AWS Lambda, you may find this approachable walkthrough worth reading – high chances it will help you decide. 

AWS announced GA of Image Scanning for Amazon ECR, where dev teams can store, manage, and deploy container images while improving security: the tool automatically scans them for OS vulnerabilities.

AWS for WordPress plugin now available and with new Amazon CloudFront workflow, providing additional optimization for WordPress websites.

GCP News

TensorFlow Enterprise had the most attention this week. Being made to deliver an optimized version of its open-source ML framework, it includes up to 3x improvements in data reading and up to 3 years of support.

CoreQ DevOps say that it’s a pretty typical case when people request more resources than they actually need (and use). GKE usage metering helps to eliminate this waste with literally a few clicks.

As you’re moving your business to the cloud, you have to choose the most appropriate data storage solution – and now you have one more on the table. Persistent Disk has three features that are now GA that help you meet backup and recovery needs with Compute Engine or GKE.

Azure News

We have several announcements from Azure this week, among them:

  • New features to Azure Stream Analytics such as online scaling, C# custom de-serializers, managed Identity authentication with Power BI, and more.
  • AzureQuantum – a full-stack, open cloud ecosystem that introduces significant benefits of quantum computing to the public.
  • Azure Arc – a set of technologies that extends the control plane of Azure out to on-premises, multi-cloud environments, and the edge.
  • Azure Synapse Analytics, which basically is Azure SQL Data Warehouse, evolved with limitless analytics and unmatched time to insight.

TensorFlow is among Azure’s priorities as well: TensorFlow 2.0 is now integrated with Azure Machine Learning service to make bringing TensorFlow workloads into Azure as seamless as possible. 

And let’s finish with the module on Azure Site Recovery, offering customized networking for disaster recovery drills.

DevOps News

GitLab released versions 12.4.1, 12.3.6, and 12.2.9 for both its Community and Enterprise Editions with fixes to important security issues. And apparently will stop hiring folks from Russia and China.

What’s better for an article than a provoking title? Michał Matłoka has one: Are You Sure You’re Using Microservices? Well…are you?

Gartner has released its annual Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020. CoreQ DevOps are happy to see distributed cloud and AI security on the list!