How huge do you think can AWS bill be?

How huge do you think can AWS bill be?

Kubernetes News

WeaveWorks introduced Firekube – a new open source Kubernetes distribution, fast, lean, and secure. Two demos are inside.

Hashicorp Vault is another useful tool that you might try using with Kubernetes. In this article, Gabriel Garrido from Caylent walks us step by step on how to use it to provision secrets to our pods/applications. Check for all this inside. 

AWS News

We work with startups often, so it seems obvious that cost efficiency is a king here. Well, not that obvious. Here is a hilarious story of Octopus Cloud, who launched an MVP and… got a $100K monthly bill from AWS. Guys explored all kinds of options to bring down our costs and finally decided to start over on Azure.

Amazon EventBridge now supports AWS CloudFormation for creating and configuring EventBridge resources, meaning it becomes a reliable tool for Serverless deployments.

Finally, Amazon Cognito Increases CloudFormation Support. A long-awaited step to do.

Those of you who are interested in how companies (and Amazon specifically) address corporate social responsibility aspects will probably enjoy reading Amazon’s views on a variety of compelling topics important to modern society.

GCP News

Kinsta is moving to GCP’s next-generation C2 Google Cloud VM’s and claims to do “unimaginable” by boosting performance for everyone up to 200%.

Google shares how they moved a network operations team to an SRE-driven model, and what are the benefits of doing that.

Azure News

Azure announced Spring Cloud, a fully managed Spring Cloud service that uses Cloud Native Buildpacks to build containers, and offers a managed service registry and config store. Here is a first-look overview by Richard Seroter.

For those of you, who are into machine learning, Microsoft Open Source Engineer Aaron Bornstein shares nine advanced tips for production machine learning.

DevOps News

This week GitLab’s Twitter thread turns into live broadcasting of GitLab Commit London. The most notable announcement is upcoming improvements to GitLab Runner. And we can’t but say that Matt Smith from Capgemini was pretty awesome!

And since we’re true GitLab fans, we’re also sharing their blog post on serverless. While serverless architecture has an annual growth rate of over 700%, you don’t have to choose between serverless, Kubernetes, or traditional computing. This blog post evaluates serverless pros and cons to help you decide.

CNCF has released Envoy Project Journey Report – the second one after Kubernetes. Some of the highlights of the report include Development Velocity, Code Diversity, and Documentation Expansion.

Trend Micro partners with Snyk to embrace the best DevSecOps practices and secure both monolithic and cloud-native applications with joint strength.