A Con Man Becomes one of the AWS Largest Data Consumers

A Con Man Becomes one of the AWS Largest Data Consumers

Kubernetes News

It’s a good idea to start this week with a piece of analytics on VMWare, Docker, and (of course) Kubernetes trends. Spoiler: Kubernetes is not for everyone.

But if you’re among the lucky ones who use it, you may want to dig into Kubernetes Security Best Practices presented Connor Gorman (video inside). 

And if you already think that managing Kubernetes clusters is a pretty easy task, imagine – how easy would it be to handle 140 of them? Henning Jacobs described his experience at Zalando in this blog post.

AWS News

A big bunch of articles issues this week has got our attention – hopefully, you enjoy them as much as we did.

The $10M Engineering Problem. While the title is tempting, the content helps you understand how to make your peace with the fact that your costs might grow in times overnight. A sudden increase in volume or a one-line config change.

Abby Fuller, principal technologist at AWS, discussed her approach to working in the cloud and balancing progress with security.

Forrest Brazeal shared the most attention-grabbing highlights on the recently open-sourced AWS Serverless Application Repository. AWS best practices on building their own serverless applications are also inside.

Now to the announcements of the last week. The one that’s worth our attention is Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) being now available on VMware. 

GCP News

Google’s 100 Gbps Dedicated Interconnect & HA VPN are now generally available. Would be a nice find for bandwidth-heavy applications, with 10X the circuit bandwidth. High-availability VPN with an industry-leading SLA of 99.99% enables mission-critical workloads.

Google partnered with Kaggle to introduce the Playground Prediction Competition. Test your abilities in harnessing insights from data while helping to optimize operations, improve safety, and identify areas for infrastructure improvements.

Azure News

The Open Application Model (OAM) was announced this week. OAM is an open standard for developing and operating applications on Kubernetes and other platforms.

One more announcement of this week is Dapr: an opensource project that helps developers build portable microservice applications using any language and any framework. 

Azure also issued the e-book on how enterprise and midmarket organizations evaluate and choose cybersecurity defense infrastructure solutions.

DevOps News

Tim Wagner, “father of Serverless” and “Server Smashin’ Pappa,” opines on the current state of serverless, the friction, and innovation.

A thief was indicted for stealing $5 million in cloud services to mine cryptocurrency, becoming one of AWS largest consumers of data usage by volume.

We’ve already shared a CloudFormation vs. Terraform fight with Terraform slightly leading the game. Let’s see if opinions changed – Jack Lindamood described his experience with both.

On-call rota can be exhausting. Intercom claims they found a solution that significantly improved engineers’ quality of life, quality of our on-call response, and, above all, customer experience. Hooray?

Alex Iankoulski accelerated application deployment times from 6+ months to 10 minutes with Docker. Sounds near to impossible, so might be worth seeing.