We really adore Azure this time

We really adore Azure this time

Kubernetes News

We have huuuuge news to celebrate: another milestone is completed, and The Kubernetes Steering Committee Election is now complete. We believe that’s for great good. And here come bonus materials: Steering Committee Meetings playlist

AWS News

If you have ever wanted for some reason to use AWS on bare metal (?..) – well, with AWSOutposts you now can

While the announcements are over, here is a guide to EC2 instance selection from Helen Anderson. All of us have sometimes doubt if they’re making the right choice – hopefully, now we won’t!

GCP News

Google Cloud is trying to make its services as easy-to-use as possible. Now they made one more step closer, having introduced their new AI-based recommenders. They’re yet in beta, but claims are they can optimize your GCP environment in terms of both cost and security. Sounds interesting?

Azure News

Personalizer – one more AI tool, now from Azure, has been awarded by The O’Reilly community as “Most Innovative Product” at this year’s Strata Conference. All marketers – hold tight! Honestly, that’s our MOST FAVORITE tool among those featured today.

DevOps News

Happy 5th birthday to Grafana! Guys, we love you, we use you, please keep going!

Another great company that we love is GitLab. And here is the blogpost on their journey to CI/CD and Kubernetes.

Have you ever thought of microservices as a burden on your work? Alexandra Noonan did (over a year ago). Let’s discuss?

Elastic Stack 7.4. is here. If you’d like to dig deeper, here are all the release notes: Elasticsearch 7.4, Kibana 7.4, Beats 7.4, Logstash 7.4, SIEM 7.4.0 (still in beta), Elastic AMP 7.4.0, Elastic Logs 7.4.0, and finally Elastic Uptime Monitoring 7.4.0.

For those of you who’re using Elastic in prod, this article by Tim Little may save some time, money, and good sleep. You will find a bunch of the hard-won tips and tricks on Elastic cluster optimization inside.