Late Summer Show with VMworld US

Late Summer Show with VMworld US

VMworld US 2019 Highlights

The last week was mostly about VMworld 2019 US.

The Project Pacific – Kubernetes on vSphere – is focused on transforming VMware vSphere into a Kubernetes native platform, running Kubernetes through its native Cluster API, a project that has recently become the standard for Kubernetes management. VMware estimates that this Kubernetes integration will go live in Q4, 2019.

Tanzu & Tanzu Mission Control – portfolio of cross-cloud products helping to manage, provision and run upstream Kubernetes clusters from a single control point.

CloudHealth Hybrid – the service is aiming to become a standard for multi-cloud policy management, cost optimization, and proactive issue remediation.

NVIDIA / VMware Cloud on AWS – NVIDIA and VMware partnered to deliver accelerated GPU services for VMware Cloud on AWS. The ultimate goal is to power enterprise applications, including machine learning, AI, and data mining workflows.

Here is a well-written summary  of VMwares’s announcements, strategy, and aspirations.

AWS News

This week our team enjoyed the article by Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon describing the 20-year history of Amazon transformation from a monolithic application architecture to a distributed one. 

GCP News

Google Cloud keeps betting on the cost effectiveness as one of their main advantages. Using formulas & transitive relation, Miles Ward explains, how you can make GCP costs “just slightly less than one-fifth of the cost of on-prem”.

DevOps News

Another great post introducing the Wash shell, which normalizes how you list, read, and access cloud-based resources right in the shell. Works perfect for the resources like Kubernetes deployments, docker containers, and EC2 instances.