So who's the best cloud provider in 2019?

So who's the best cloud provider in 2019?

(Read till the end to know)

Kubernetes News

Helm v3 Beta 1 is released. The next milestone is a stable release, meanwhile you can test the beta or just acknowledge the notable changes against v2 from the release notes.

Kubernetes has reached an important milestone: its first ever 241-page long security audit. To sum up: it’s all Ok 🙂

AWS News

Amazon announced EFS price reduction for Infrequent Access storage.  Looks amazing for now, but please tell us if you spot the catch.

AWS took an outage in us-east-1 a bit over a week ago, and The Registerclearly has more information than most of us about what exactly went wrong.

If you’re just getting started with AI, we can help. Learn how innovators are using machine learning to grow their companies in this report:

If you are using Windows environment, you’d probably be interested in this report, guiding how to cut infrastructure costs while generating value from your workloads.

GCP News

Cloud Run now supports multiple regions and the good news is that the workloads deployed by Cloud Run on GKE are included in the GKE pricing.

Being pretty consistent in building the image of the most cost-efficient cloud provider, Google shares a list of best practices on how to optimize Google Cloud costs.

Kurt Marko describes the foundational concepts of Google Anthos and its seven core components, as they give the freedom to choose where to deploy particular apps and migrate workloads between environments.

Azure News

Azure is also rolling out a bunch of AzureMktPlace applications and services this September. The full list of the offers that went live is worth seeing.

Cost efficiency is kind of a new black among cloud providers. Azure seems to be betting on it as well. Here are their recommendations of best practices to use this autumn. 

DevOps News

For those who prefer infographic over the plain text,  here are some of the key findings of this year’s Accelerate State of DevOps Survey, complete with charts.

DevOps Dozen 2019 Nominations Are Now Open for the 2019 DevOps Dozen – annual award to acknowledge the best of the best companies and people in DevOps.


The wait is over and you’re just one step close to knowing who is the best cloud provider this year. What’s under the hood of the Gartner’s 2019 reports? Explore how cloud providers stack up across 4 critical use cases and examine Gartner Magic Quadrant to decide.