Have we missed anything exciting?

Have we missed anything exciting?

Kubernetes News

Helm Summit is the centerpiece of Kubernetes news this week. Jessica Deen highlighted the major changes in HelmPack version 3. The docs are already here, so that you can learn all about it.

Stefan Prodan introduced Flux Helm v3 Operator. They also shared a self-paced tutorial on GitOps progressive delivery for Helm release, featuring Flux CD, Linkerd, and Flagger. 

Apart from that, we can’t miss out that Containous has announced the launch of Maesh, a lightweight and simpler open source service mesh optimized for ​cloud-native​applications running on  instances of Kubernetes deployed at the network edge.

AWS News

Kyle Galbraith talks about building an event-driven architectures in AWS using serverless. Can be a great thing to try.

Finally, AWS PrivateLink will support Amazon Rekognition, which is something we waited for so long. Good work, AWS.

GCP News

Google Cloud is aaaaaall about Anthos this week. They shared pretty overview and a technical one, they announced Anthos Day today, and they even launched a game!

The only other thing that managed to get our attention this week was adding new features added to AI Hub. Now you can improve your #ML models with ground truth labels and some more features. 

Azure News

Storage Review named Azure Stack HCI a best-of-the-best product for 2019 – and competed a super-detailed report on it.

Anthony Chu shares a helpful article on using TensorFlow with Python Azure Functions to perform large-scale serverless machine learning interference​​​.

This week we also enjoyed a technical story from Carlsberg – basically their customer journey with Azure.