Kubernetes 1.16 and a bunch of X.3 releases - which is your favorite?

Kubernetes 1.16 and a bunch of X.3 releases - which is your favorite?

Kubernetes News

Kubernetes 1.16 is almost here, and we’re ready to look into its 31 enhancements. While official release presents each one of them, Víctor Jiménez’s blog post features four of the most impressive: Ephemeral containers, Kubernetes metrics overhaul, Node topology manager, and Kubeadm for Windows.

And while Kubernetes 1.16 is just getting started, Kubernetes 1.17 release team has already been introduced. Guinevere Saenger is taking the helm next cycle, with Alena Varkockova leading CI Signal, Damini Satya leading Docs, and Claire Laurence as Emeritus Adviser.

If you are a developer interacting with Kubernetes centric infrastructure daily, you may find helpful Katie Gamanji’s article on how she passed CKAD with 97% (resource list included).

AWS News

Amazon S3 finally introduces Same-Region Replication – such a long-requested feature and such an obvious win for customers. Good job Amazon!

Another announcement is that Amazon made Elastic Inference available in Amazon ECS tasks, improving the way Machine Learning can be used on the blockchain with containers (good job!).

GCP News

Cloud Build, Google Cloud’s CI/CD platform, was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Cloud-Native Continuous Integration Tools, Q3 2019.

Google has released a whitepaper explaining principal advantages of using a service mesh like Istio Mesh. 

Another major announcement is that Google released  several new and exciting features for AI Hub that improve collaboration for data science and ML teams.

Azure News

MS Azure released a well-written whitepaper on the generation of new revenue streams through scaling retail personalization with AI technology. Step by step, Azure is strengthening its position in the ML and AI fields.

DevOps News

The Istio Team has announced Istio 1.3 release, being very exciting about it. Here are the major highlights for this release.

Another significant announcement is the release of Docker Enterprise 3.0.  The insider article by Tom Petrocelli still comes handy to understand the main improvements.

And finally, we have a bunch of news from Gitlab Commit.

  • First of all, GitLab 12.3 is released with such great improvements as web application firewall and productivity analytics.
  • Another big news is that GitLab completed a $268M Series E funding round, raising company valuation to $2.75B. As expected, they also announced the plans to go public next year.
  • As part of their bid to support all cloud providers equally, GitLab announced that the long-awaited support for Amazon EKS is releasing this year.
  • And summing up, GitLab outlined their commitment to expand DevOps platform capabilities. Looks like there’s a lot of work to be done. If you are interested in looking deeper, here is a piece of futuristic analytics by Michael K. Spencer.