Platrom​ Development for the First in Ukraine Agro-Industrial Retailer

High-load high-availability platform development
for the first in Ukraine agro-industrial retailer

Our client is a big agroindustrial retailer offering all kinds of agricultural machinery, sowing material, fertilizers, and other related product to its customers. Previously doing this offline, our client decided to establish online presence and asked us to build the platform from scratch.


1. After careful analysis and prioritization of business requirements, we decided to build the platform based on Tamaranga DO framework, that is optimized for high traffic and has flexible APIs.

2. We adapted the framework for the specific needs of the client’s business and integrated payment systems, including LiqPay, Fondu, and Wallet One.

3. To be fully ready for a massive ad campaign and subsequent traffic increase, we built and deployed a high-availability Kubernetes cluster on AWS with Kops.

  • Location
  • Industry
  • Team Size
    3 DevOps Engineers
  • Project Duration
    2 months + ongoing support
  • Expertise Delivered
    DevOps Consulting
    E-commerce Platform Development
    Kubernetes Cluster Deployment
    High-Load MariaDB Database
    Percona XtraDB Cluster

It’s pretty often that farmers live in the areas with a slow Internet connection, so we had to optimize the platform for a low-speed network. We reduced page size and thereby increased page speed, making the platform really simple and really productive.

Another challenge was a huge database with too many slow queries. To overcome this we decided to integrate a high-load MariaDB database. We implemented cache feature and integrated high availability Percona XtraDB cluster.

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