Streaming Infrastructure Redesign for the First & Only Automotive TV Channel in Ukraine

Streaming & IPTV roadmap design & deployment
for the first & only automotive TV channel in Ukraine

Our client is the first and only Automotive TV channel in Ukraine. They came to us with the request to review their out-dated infrastructure and make necessary changes to update their streaming abilities and improve performance.


1. Our DevOps team executed full restructuring and redesign of IT infrastructure and automated the provisioning of the backend services.

2. We partnered with the telecom provider Cosmonova to organize the transition from satellite to IPTV and implemented HD quality in a scalable and cost-effective manner.

3. Configured and integrated real-time, multi-channel IPTV encoders to support various encapsulation formats and significantly increase the content hours delivered. 

4. The next step was to integrate Nagios monitoring system to monitor multiple infrastructure parameters, including uptime, load average, CPU status, process counts, and other.

5. And lastly, we built and deployed backup system to ensure rapid and reliable disaster recovery.


  • Location
  • Industry
  • Team Size
    4 DevOps Engineers
  • Project Duration
    1 month + ongoing support
  • Expertise Delivered
    DevOps Consulting
    IPTV Infrastructure Deployment
    Monitoring System Integration
    Backup System Development
    Fault Tolerance Trunk Implementation

Regular Internet interferences resulted in unstable TV signal on a regular basis. We build fault tolerance trunk with master and slave link. When main connection fails, reserved link automatically routes commercial traffic.

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